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Account Registration Form

If you are not an OHSU employee, please fill out the External Employee ID Request Form to obtain an OHSU employee ID number. Once this ID number is obtained, you must come back to this page to complete the registration process.


Hit your "Tab" button to get to each field in this registration form.


Please enter your employee ID. If you do not know this number you can locate it at the top of your pay stub. Look for "Employee No:"




Enter your preferred first name exactly as it appears in your OHSU HR record. For example, if your legal name is Robert, but your preferred name in the HR database is Bob please enter Bob.

Enter your last name exactly as it appears in your OHSU HR record.

If you have an OHSU network account please use your OHSU username (without the as your eIRB  username. If you are a non-OHSU user without an OHSU network account please use your entire email address.

Enter your email address that is associated with your OHSU Employee ID. You will receive email notifications generated by the system at the address you enter to the left.

As part of your research activities at OHSU you are required to complete the research compliance training in CITI, and submit an annual CoIR (Conflict of Interest in Research) disclosure through the OHSU eCoI application at Please see additional information and instructions for Non-OHSU research collaborators on our website.

Notice: This is a private computer system.

All users of this system are subject to having their activities audited. Access to and use of this system requires explicit written, current authorization and is limited to purposes of the organization's business.

Unauthorized access or attempts to use, alter, destroy or damage data, programs or equipment may violate applicable law and could result in corrective action, criminal action, criminal prosecution, civil liability or a combination thereof.

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